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Published June 5th, 2024
SMC's Class of 2024 artists featured in new exhibit
Alexa Andris Photos Vera Kochan

"Chimeric -- Art Practice Capstone Exhibition" is the latest Saint Mary's College art installation on view at the campus art museum. What makes the showing unique is that the 12 featured artists are students of the school's Class of 2024.
According to SMC's exhibit, "The term `Chimeric' has two definitions: one referring to the Greek mythological creature formed from the parts of various animals, and the other relating to a hope or dream that is impossible to achieve. Our multiplicity counters the futility of the second definition by showing such facets can exist within our newly created space. Through a body of work that is diverse in mediums and chimeric in and of itself, we encourage others to encounter our reflections, inviting introspection and conversation about our connection to broader society."
Collectively, the student artists hoped to offer new perspectives on the human condition with a focus on race, culture, gender, psychology, media, childhood, and reality.
Upon first walking into the exhibit, guests are "greeted" by a large mural that was a team effort. It has no name other than being described as "`Chimeric' Graduating class mural", and serves the purpose of offering a glimpse of what is yet to come.
Keaton Gershen-Lewis contributed six pieces on display with titles such as "Sketch for a Propaganda Mural", "Dynamite", and "Screenshot". His grayscale paintings are "an examination of the contemporary cycles of imagery, emphasizing the focus on appropriated images of violence and sexuality, commonly encountered and reshared subjects throughout the digital space. "
Alexa Andris' four paintings are titled: "Unprofessional", "2:36 a.m.", "Let's Not Split Hairs", and "Eye of the Beholder". She explores the idea of what a hairstyle's first impression leaves upon the world. Andris "endeavors to create a space for empathy, understanding, and empowerment, inviting viewers to reflect on their own relationships with societal norms and embrace the beauty of individuality in all forms."
"Te Amo Mucho Much Mucho" could almost be described as a visit to someone's home. Celeste Xictlactli Escobedo uses various objects and photos to invite the viewer into her world. "Sourcing found objects that have been discarded or forgotten and giving them a new home works in tandem with my handmade pieces," she explained. "The physical artifacts that are produced through my practice play with the same themes of preservation, also bring in a manipulation to scale and context."
"Chimeric -- Art Practice Capstone Exhibition" is currently on view until June 23, 2024.

Keaton Gershen-Lewis
Celeste Xictlactli Escobedo

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